Sunday, July 10, 2016

Still working at the woodwork

Insulation batting: a few more blocks are needed.
Another month has come and gone, and the progress is rather slow. I have had to spend quite some time doing other things, and also re-doing things I screwed up. Amazing what a difference 10mm makes. And once cut, you cannnot put it back.

The insulation work has gone reasonably well, and showed up a few things that need re-doing. I have also received the light fittings, so a number of the boards have to come out again. But that will happen in August.

My co-workers have also been absent, but Alexander helped me with the router, and I am slowly getting better with it.

Oupa Piet's router; a dark art. 
CAD: It is going to fit!
Yes sir! It goes in and looks right!
CAD (Computer Aided Design) is the latest craze, and I used a variation to see how I will get the cabinetry into the boat: Cardboard Aided Design. These two cabinets will go into the front cabin, and need to be removable. Note, I used the 4 inch spikes as locating pins for the shelves inside. To handle the assembly single-handed I made long clamps from 50 x 50 brandering with threaded rod. It worked a treat. Now the cabinets have to be finished off, dis-assembled and glued, then sanded, varnished, fitted, fettled... a long way to go.

Threaded rod clamps hold all together, most of the time. 
Roofing spikes serve as locating pins. 
The next job is the rest of the front cabin: bunk, side cladding, panels against and under deckhead. Then comes the main cabin: One bulkhead has to be redone, the seats have to come out and be redesigned, and the hull insulated. The galley has to be fitted and re-evaluated, and then comes the bathroom. Not to mention the electrical system that has to come in soon. And then the plumbing.
The two assemblies look right, but there is still a lot of work!
Note the split in the bigger cabinet, it is too big for the hatch
 as it is. 

I also made a plywood mockup of an anchor I intend having cut, but the first try showed that my bow roller is not right. And I made a mockup of the companionway ladder, but the final attempt will have to wait until I am better with the router, and the floor panels are in.

Anchor mockup
And lastly I discovered that the sun is making fun of the very best varnish I could find. Six months down the line and it is flaking off the companionway hatch. So what now? Cladding with stainless steel? Making one out of stainless steel?

Screwing blocks being sealed. 
I have also begin preparing another lot of blocks to hold the panelling along the lower part of the hull, this must also be insulated, but there is still a lot of cabinetry to finish.

Companionway ladder will go here, but where exactly?

Main hatch: varnish coming off already.