Monday, June 23, 2014

Gaff sailplan. Who will build it?
And so to the sail plan. The identified sailmaker seems to have vanished, Shahnaz hides her sewing machine, and some plan will have to be made. Ordering from Hong Kong is very expensive, but will local be better? We need to get some progress here.

And the lead casting is proceeding. Now I wonder: if we spray the ingots gold, will they be heavier?

Checking on the stash. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

And we are progressing again. Bowsprit is in, at least provisionally. Cockpit basics are in place, and the interior seems to begin to look like something. Mast position has been determined, keels are in.

Now lots of questions: How will we handle the 400 kg lead ballast per keel? Poured in? Ingots and shot? What about rust? Nitrogen gas under pressure? With a pressure gauge so we can see when they begin to leak? Dessicants that would show colour change, and a lexan window through which it can be inspected?

Over-engineer? What is that?

But here she is: looking less like a beached whale.
The boat, guarded by vicious attack dogs ...

Friday, June 13, 2014

62 Liters capacity per keel
Planning: Thinking, making up your mind: a small diesel inboard. Check prices. Change mind: outboard should do. Think again. Ok, install a stern tube just in case. Think again: we will need electricity. Small generator then. I have an alternator that can give 12 and 220 volt, and you can weld with it. But it needs a small diesel to drive it. So small diesel, but gearboxes are expensive! And propellors even more so ... Nice variable pitch propellor at Euro 6 000!!! Maybe have one made? Would cost even more. Designs for modelling ones ... Maybe find a good engineering shop?

Planning: lead ballast. London prices are just this side of gold! But scrap lead should be cheaper. No, rather use steel punchings. Ok, find a supplier for steel. No, they do not have any, might get in the weeks to come. Lead? Yes, how many tons? Oh, er, well, maybe 400 kg, how much? Good price. Check bank balance. Ok, order 800 of the needed 900kg, steel punchings or ball bearings can do the rest.

A lot of lead can go in there!
How to transport it? Cruiser? Can do, brakes need adjustment, tyres pumped, off we go. But getting it in is not as easy! The forklift drops on the tailgate, bending the hinge, so the rest of the load goes in by hand: Some slabs of sheet lead, old pipes, even a few diving weights, then sinkers, tyre weights, small scrap. How to fit it in the keels? Just dump it? Melt it in? (Preferably not, I want to be able to get it out again, to make trailing easier. But how to get the eventual water out? Bilge pump?

Would have been easier to buy one of the many boats lying on moorings from year to year, but not nearly as much fun!!

So far so good.