Thursday, July 13, 2017

Getting a handle on the interior

Galley cabinets. 
A few hitches, but Phineas is progressing with the forecabin panelling. A meltdown of my old Black & Decker circular saw slowed things down, and all modern saws are beyond my little generator's power supply capabilities. At last I found an old Makita 800 Watt saw, and this weekend it will buzz! The main salon seating/bunks await.

I am almost done with the galley cabinets. Nylon catches inside keep them closed, but I am looking for a more positive way to secure them. The doors swing down, and plastic trays will go inside to hold the stuff. I am planning to have a countertop stove and collapsible wash basin for a beginning, until I can find the right stuff.
Companionway ladder with hand rail/grab handle

David mounting a grab handle. 
We fitted the grab handles and handrail for the companionway. I stressed over it for weeks, and finally got going, but it took David to work out a way to drill through the one handle, the panel and into the second handle. The last gets a brass insert, the first handle gets its holes recessed, and then stainless steel Allen bolts go in. I only had to ream two bolt holes.

And true to Doug of SV Seeker's motto: "I learnt so much from my mistakes, I plan to make some more." I thought to try bending pipes myself. Plywood cut with a jigsaw, turned in the drill, steel angle legs, but no cigar: the 20mm mild steel pipe does not bend smoothly. So I will have the swim platform, canopy hoops and interior steel grab handles, which will also serve as hardpoints for lifting things like batteries, bent professionally.

No, not working, at least not well enough.