Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mine is bigger than yours...

Yes, Doug, but mine is closer to the finish, I hope.
Shahnaz with Seeker. 

Another load of lead goes in.
Casting the bronze.
No, it was not a magical transformation. We were going on a diving trip to Mexico, and stopped off for a week with Doug and Betsy in Oklahoma to give them a hand with their boat, SV Seeker. She is more than three times the size of Dreamtime, and Doug has shown remarkable drive and dedication to bring this enormous project so far. We were able to meet some of his many friends and collaborators, exchange ideas, and learn a lot. Apart from pouring 10 000 lbs of lead into the keels, we also participated in casting a bronze gipsy for the capstan, an incredible experience.

Doug is an example to all boat builders, and I heartily recommend his website:

Thanks for the hospitality and friendship!

And yes, we did get some fantastic diving, as well as a great taste of Mexico. We might be doing a blog on that too.

Next week I hope to move Dreamtime closer to home, and begin the finishing off.

The results look good. 

Shahnaz with Pancho Villa. 

Rocca Partida in the far Pacific. Mantas just below the surface.