Saturday, March 28, 2015

Life on the moorings

For the past month and a week or two Dreamtime has been moored behind a factory about 10km from home, and a lot has been done.

Painting is fun
Adam felt at home
The trailer has been stabilised with some screw jacks, thanks to the help of son-in-law Lawrence and grandson Adam. Being from Durban Adam assured me he knows all about boats, and it was hard prying him away from the boat. Thanks, Adam!
Diederick, sleeping on the job

Then the newest

Neat little hatch for the generator exhaust

grandson, Diederick, came to help. Here we have to talk about work ethics. First the guy was late for his welding lesson because he wanted to have a snack, then he fell asleep on the job. Well, at one month old perhaps I should not be too hard on him.

The new welder.
In the meantime David Dhlamini has been welding on a number of things. He built a neat little hatch for the generator's exhaust, and a number of other little jobs that should be finished before we do the sandblasting and spraypainting, which is planned for May. He convinced me to invest in a small inverter welder instead of the old air cooled one, now we burn through welding rods at a frightening rate! A worthwhile investment.
Bongani, grinding away. 

And Bongani joined the team, grinding down the weld seams. It is good to have professionals on the job.

The factory now must make a few parts for me to fit the rudder, and then inspect the seams and advise which ones have to be re-welded.

And then the sandblasting and spraypainting saga!

David and I