Monday, June 6, 2016

More woodwork

I am not good at wood work. But between breaks to do family duties, I slave away. With some help, some comment, and some promises. Hopefully I will get more expert advice, and even some help.

At the moment I am insulating the top of the cabin, and putting the ceiling and side panels back. I installed wiring where I think the lights and power leads should go, not an easy one-hand job. But it has to be done.

I am (re) installing the panels with nylon inserts and stainless steel bolts, so they can come out easily. The brass screws just did not look neat, and were flimsy. But getting the holes in the panel to line up with the inserts is not that easy, as the plywood tends to grab the drill bit and pull the drill away from where it should go.

Padded cell for crazy boat maniac
The panels at the front and back of the cabin were stuck in with Sika, I took them out (in one case broke it out) because there is cabling that has to go behind the panel. I made blocks around the opening port, and at the corners of the panel, drilled and fitted the inserts, bolted all together, and will now Sika the blocks to the hull. Then, when it is set, the panel will come out, antifungus sealer will go on, wiring will go in, and all will go together again.

I am painting, in many cases repainting the wood, blocks, back of panels, with a waterbase anti-fungus sealer product. Dry rot, even in a steel hull, is not going to be fun.
Making frames for the opening ports.

At the dry dock, preparing to installthe nylon inserts

Nylon inserts.