Saturday, May 16, 2015

Last of the fix-ups.

Wave breaker built: check.
This was supposed to be a weekly update. But a week-long diving trip, a week-long job, and a lot of frustration has intervened.

Up to now I have been fixing up builder's screw-ups. I have also been fabricating a few additions of my own such as scuppers and a cover for the generator exhaust, as well as drip-catchers for the cockpit drains and the lockers. I also made a wave-breaker to keep the worst of the Pacific rollers off the main hatch.

Pinhole in the weld
We have been adding supports between the stringers where the pilot berth is to go, to carry the steel legs and supports of the berth. The supports will go in next week.

David and Bongani have been kept busy with the grinding and welding. And I finally got Profection to inspect the welds and re-weld. Isaac did beautiful welds after Thomas had ground them out. Lucas supervised. A nicer bunch of professionals I have not met.

More pinholes in a weld. 
And I had the guy from Stoncor out to look at the boat and advise on painting. He is not in favour of coal tar epoxy, it burns and gives a toxic smoke. Apparently a diving platform off Namibia, painted with this, went up in flames recently, and created all sorts of fun and games, not to mention environmental hazards. Insteads he recommended an epoxy coating and a water pipe paint as second coat. Now to get someone to apply it!

One problem is the sun: I can now work till about eleven before the sun makes work

And a big hole. 

impossible. My tarpaulin has been shrivelled by the sun, and today it was blasting down with evil intent!

Jobs for the coming week:

I have to get the little lathe going so I can get the fittings and bearings for the rudder done, then we can weld the fittings in.

The supports for the pilot berth must be measured and welded in.

I have to drill all the boltdown holes for the internal hatches. The stainless steel rivnuts, or 'rabbits' as the guy at the shop called them, are in the toolbox and waiting. But I will install them only after the sandblasting and primer is in. (I suspect I ordered too few, 50 might not make it!)

Thomas grinding out bad welds
We need to grind the outside seams at the cockpit and the rub rail, and do any remedial re-welding. Bongani did half today, the other half is waiting.

As soon as the die grinder arrives (there is a story to get your blood pressure up) the internal drainage holes need to be radiused and the edges broken.

And then we get to the next biggie: The sandblasting and painting.

Isaac doing welding magic.