Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Everything takes longer

Ready for the third voyage. Thanks, Reinhard!
And we undertook another voyage. I gave up on getting Dave to do things my way, and found a temporary harbour at the Garden Root, a nursery not too far from home.

Prince left the gardening for a while and helped with patterns. 
And my dog took a chunk out of my arm, with ensuing infection which required two operations. So I enlisted all possible helpers, and even got to use some of my grandfather's tools!

To be redone: Floors, panels, ceilings (Yes, I know all these things have nautical names... ) and then the interior furniture. I am waiting for the light fittings to be delivered, I found the plastic inserts I want to use to be able to remove the ceilings, and I have an eye on brass ones for the panels and other furniture.

Electric wiring can begin to go in, and then we are off for three weeks!

Some rain has come in, and now we see the truth of the need for proper varnish. At least I have been able to contact the industrial sales manager of a major paint manufacturer, who put me on to an industrial, anti-fungal paint. But the bad news is: All the laquer has to come off...

Shahnaz lent a hand. Grandfather's marking gauge
worked after all these years, batteries did not run out
 on these things.  
Is that how you do it?

Fungus damage after rain. Not good.