Sunday, September 28, 2014

Explaining, again, how the rudder arrangement should work. 
Work has come to a standstill for the moment. The proposed budget limit has been reached: she should have been ready to launch, minus detailed interior fittings, and there seems to be no end to the money burn. So we called a halt, and now we will work on a phase by phase basis, with each phase being carefully planned and costed.

At the same time there are little things that are not done yet, but we should now sandblast and paint a primer coat. So phase one is to get a costing of everything that has to be done and corrected before we can do the sandblasting.

Lighting the work done for an engine mounting and stern tube
 - although
we cannot afford an engine any more. 
In the meantime she rusts away, which they tell me is not a bad thing, as the rusting removes the mill scale and the sandblasting can then easily get to white metal.

So here she is!

Rusting is good, at least at this stage!