Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bits and pieces

Base for the toilet, and pan for the shower, with
insulation in and cladding coming on. 
Work has suffered from all sorts of interrruptions, but now a few public holidays, visiting friends, and other helpers has enabled me to make some serious progress.

We are still fitting out the interior and planking the lazarette, but we are now ready to tackle the bathroom, or heads to use the maritime term. The kitchen or galley will soon follow.

In the meantime we did bits and pieces: Iain, Megan and Malcolm came visiting and helped do the planks that go under the forward bunk.

Iain showing how it should be done.
Megan sanding. We will get to Hawaii a bit later.
David came along to help with the masts, and we discovered a problem. The traditional way of staying a mast has loops of cable going over the masthead and resting on blocks of wood. On our metal version the 'blocks' are all too small, so David welded loops on as well. We will have to see how this works out in real life.

Malcolm sanding finger holes. 
And Phineas helped put the shower basin, toilet base, and panels in, and started on the side cladding of the heads. Trevor visited and suggested thht we clad the heads in aluminium, but the plywood is already bought.

As usual comments are welcome.

Dog inspection: Companionway ladder.

Ladder almost done. Phineas has reason to be proud. 
David working on the masthead.