Saturday, January 31, 2015

Planning the move

We have wheels!

The project is now moving along: You may remember that the build process has more or less stopped, and now we are planning on moving the boat from Welkom in the Free State to Silvertondale in Pretoria, some 350 kilometres north.

After some trouble to find the right rims, the wheels are under the trailer, and we are getting the registration papers in order. One of the tasks we carried out today was to install tennis balls...  on top of the stanchion bases to protect the cover. The electrics was more or less simple, but the brake assembly required extensive modification, as the tow coupler is based on a different design than the trailer, so considerable cutting and rewelding was required. 

But it was great to stand on the deck and feel her move under me! 

Working on the brake system
The next major phase will be getting the boat and trailer out of the backyard she is in, snaking her past a borehole, around a sharp corner on not so strong paving and down a narrow driveway. With luck that will happen next Saturday. 
Johannesburg traffic in the rain

The next phase is then for the tow truck to take her up the highway, and as you can see there will be challenges too!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The salvage project is proceeding: Axles under the frame, tow hook, electrics. But to be legal the rims have to be the same size as those on the Land Cruiser, which makes sense, then the Cruiser tyres could serve as spares too. But the rims supplied have a different offset, which means they do not clear the frame. So back to the supplier!

In the meantime we have been able to jack up the whole shooting match, and install the axles. We also checked the strapping, measured for chains, measured for the electrics, found that we have 10mm brake rods while we need 12mm, and that the brake cables are the right length.

Next weekend we will do the 700 km again, hoping to have the right size rims, finalise the brake setup, and check the electrics.

If all check out then all that remains is to finalise the truck to tow the trailer, finalise the insurance, and get down there to do the job!

Thanks for the help, Alexander!

Lifting it up, one brick at a time. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Our first shipwreck. The builder has medical issues, his neighbours would not let him carry on building, not to mention sandblasting.

The building frame will get wheels on, and then we can tow her away, I hope. 
At the moment we are looking at putting wheels on the frame and getting her to somewhere we can work. A suitable site is in sight, if you get the meaning....

Spray painting the small trailer. 

In the meantime work has progressed on a small trailer to bring the plywood home. Lots of opinions, and at least a little help goes a long way.