Saturday, February 18, 2017

More woodwork, and leaks!

Planking goes on to wooden blocks glued to the hull with Sika
The woodwork is still inching along, but now Phineas has joined the crew, and he has already told me off for not sawing the planks straight enough. We are planking the lazarette, using 100mm (mostly) wide strips of 12mm Spruce plywood. It is an education for a kitchen cupboard maker like Phineas to work on a boat where no lines are straight, but he is coping admirably.

Now to get them to fit. 
Recently Prince tackled the accumulated dirt, and two buckets of water flung over the deck showed up water leaks in the forward portlights. (The deck hatches also leak, that is another problem seeking a solution.) David and I had to bite the bullet: The portlights had to come out, we had to (try to) clean up the old Sika, and they had to be rebedded. The problem is the very gently curve of the front of the cabin. The Lewmar portlights are straight, so something had to make up the difference, and the previous attempt did not provide enough Sika. Well, they are in, and sonce we expect a lot of rain this week, results of Tropical Cyclone Dineo, we will have some sort of real life testing.
Prince enthusiastic about the washing

The coming weeks will see a lot of interruptions, but we must soldier on.

Sticky stuff
What a mess!

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