Sunday, June 4, 2017

Interior work continues

Woodwork goes slow and I am not patient. Fortunately Phineas helps keep me in control. He is a painstaking and careful joiner, and enjoys making panels fit perfectly. Most of the galley is done, except for the doors, which needs final trimming and sanding before they go on.

Phineas trimming a panel. 
The companionway ladder is in and looks good, but I must get to making handholds now.

Fifth fitting. Almost there.
I was lucky to have some helpers over the past weeks. Well, some helped more than others. Still, a pleasure.
Brother, you missed one! Diederick and Isabelle installing floor panels. 

Painting is another job I am not good at. For me it is a question of slapping on a lot of paint and smoothing it out. Madame could contain herself, and provided some expert guidance. We will see if it has rubbed off when I do the galley doors..

So that's how it's done! 

Tools came to my attention. My cheap, light and friendly Ryobi drill started coughing and eventually cut out altogether. The problem is the switch. Amazon has one for $ 4.80, but here it sells for at least double, if you can get it. I may get lucky, but runnning down the possibilities will take time.

The offending switch. Small, but important. 

I did manage to resuscitate a Bosch cordless screwdriver and drill, by removing the batteries, and putting a cord on, then running it from an old gate motor battery. Works like a charm, but needs a bit of fettling. It will go on the boat and run off the 12 volt system.

Cordless drill, cordless no longer

 And the set square... We had a torrid time, Phineas and I, to get a panel to fit. No matter how careful the measurements, it ended up out of square. Until we checked the set square. Somehow it was out. Dropped? Never! Not on your life! It must have been perfectly calibrated when my grandfather bought it. Well, I had to splurge and buy a new one. Now I have an excuse for all the bad language over the years, when I tried to make square joints! Let it not be said that a bad craftsman blames his tools.

When a square is no longer square...

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