Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sitting pretty

Research is hard work
Work has been going on, despite life happening. We went looking for an alternative place to splash the boat, and try her out, learn to sail, and have fun. The intensive research (insert smiley) resulted in finding a good steak house not far from a sailing club on a reservoir close by. Water is quite polluted, and much is far from ideal, but it can work. We plan to get out there by end September. It is close enough that one could carry on the fitting out, driving out there would take an hour each way. So that is what we will do.

Shahnaz cutting the insulation
Fitting backing blocks for the starboard bunk.
Phineas and David cutting to the middle of the pencil line.
We have been doing a few things, the most important I will cover in this post is insulation, this time with aluminium-covered bubbble wrap. This is for the main cabin, and the spaces behind the bunks. We also proceeded with the saloon bunks and the lockers under them. Phineas did his usual meticulous work, I helped and held things, David stood by and told us when we started cutting into the crate under the work.

Plastic crate going in.
Pilot berth bottom going in.
A lot of the old bunk bottoms could be repurposed, as the previous shipwright had different ideas from me. Now we are getting to where I want to be.  The shelves will hold plastic crates as drawers, and measurements are more or less standardised for them. The bunks are almost done, and the pilot berth bottom is in and sealed.

The nav table and the saloon table are made, but will only be fitted after the cushions are made and installed.

Nav table.

 Working on the boat can become lonely. Apart from Saturdays when Phineas anbd David are free to help, and Shahnaz occasionally giving a hand, it is easy to lose motivation. Yet every time I arrive the two geese come running to check up on me, and, reluctantly, to accept some grain. I wonder if I should sign them up as crew?

Next up: Some steel work, electrics, sanding, painting, sanding, painting...

And the seats work.
Cushions to follow.
Geese checking up on the progress. 

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