Friday, September 29, 2017

I am never going to play Tetris again

Rean doing the electrical thing
The week is over. My nerves are recovering slowly, and new crises tempt me. But one thing: Tetris is not going to be fun again.

Lieb's truck got sick
Let me start at the beginning: On Monday we had a last frantic finishing session. David and Phineas did the last few floors and hung the forecabin and toilet doors, while Rean reviewed the electrical system and wired up the 220 volt side. Then  on Tuesday Lieb arrived with his truck, and we eased Dreamtime out of the nursery where she had taken root. For a few kilometers all went well, but then Lieb's little truck blew its radiator. I hooked Dreamtime behind the Cruiser, but the traffic police took a dim view, and I had to leave her overnight at a filling station.

The next morning Tendai turned up with his roll-on truck, and we were off. All went well, with a small hiccup at Henley on Klip, where a traffic police officer, herself in the heavy load category, judged by eye that Dreamtime exceeded the five ton limit of loads that may go through this benighted hamlet, and slapped a fine on us.

But then we made it to Manten Marina, and left Dreamtime to converse with a few similar boats.

Tendai to the rescue, but beware: Henley does not like trucks
On Friday I was back with the cargo of ingots. Unfortunately only lead, so if anyone knows an alchemist... because the 800 kg lead scrap I bought delivered only 600kg ingots. We need, according to the designer, 800 kg, and I feel we need 1000kg.

Getting the lead in was not fun at all. Reinhard loaded the bucket and kept tabs of the weight, Paolo hoisted it up and packed the ingots for me to stack, and I stacked. I have serious bruises from hanging over the bunk frames to arrange the perverse ingots neatly so that we achieve the highest denstiy, like Tetris with lead blocks, at the extremity of your reach.

New company
We also installed a few items, most importantly the cushions for the seats and forward cabin bunk. And she feels like a home already!

Next week I will work on the masts, take them down and see if we can step them and measure the shrouds, and then bring the shrouds back to be swaged. Yes, I acknowledged, reluctantly, that the square rigger practise of rack-seizing your own rigging was perhaps one step too far.

Thanks again for all the woodwork, Phineas. And David for your ongoing encouragement and support. Rean, the electrics are not done! And also a thank you to Reinhard and Paolo.

Testing the cushions. 

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