Thursday, October 26, 2017

Long range affair

Forestay getting measured
Great frustration. It takes me two hours at least to get to the boat through heavy early morning city traffic. Then four to five hours of work, and two hours back. A long day. The Cruiser likes the long distance, I get good mileage. Ok, as good as a Cruiser is going to get. At the moment I go down once a week, and now we will have a three weeks break to go diving.

So here is the report of the latest work: We finalised the doors today, now they need sanding, finishing and painting. We made a simple platform for the generator, which does stop the harmonic vibration of the hull almost completely. This needs sanding and sealing, as well as low profile rubber feet. We stepped the masts, measured the stays, then had them made up. And made up again, not sure if my measurements or theirs were off. Stepping the masts is a three man job, especially when the wind blows as it did at the time. Last cold front of spring, they say.

We also had the name and bow art done, cut on vynil, and applied. I have my doubts as to the longevity, and next option is to have stencils cut. Spray painting is my last resort.

Steel punchings being sorted
Mainmast up, stays getting measured. 
I also sourced some steel punchings to make up for the short weight of the lead, with some left over. Now this has to be cleaned, rust inhibited, coated in bitumen paint, and then bagged in 10kg units. Sounds like a fun job.

There is a lot still to be done, but I want to get her on the water now, even if the interior is incomplete. And if we have wind as we had she will sail well. Question is how to get her out of the marina against the wind. I have a 2hp Johnston, which will work in a dead calm. Now looking at new, but apparently they are making outboard motors from pure gold these days. So looking for a good used one. Later we can get fancy.

Bow art going on. Will it stay on?
Electrics, well, that will have to wait. The seachest needs doing, and again non-standard piping makes life miserable. But I have an Artful Bodger's solution. More in the next instalment. Ceilings: The last ones have to be made and are going in next time. Some internal finishing, sanding and painting has to be done.

Until next time!

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Seems to be nearing completion!